TRON Movie Soundtrack LP

From: allisonp <>
Date: Mon Jun 26 20:34:40 2000

>And to my ears, there's nothing like a full-bore Hammond being
driven by Jon Lord from Deep Purple. Nobody, but nobody gets that
angry, hulking, growling sound from an organ like Lord.

Before I quit I tried to get that sound... no idea how he did that.

Speaking of Tomita....on his "Bermuda Triangle" album (mine is on
blue vinyl......) he included an encoded message that required

Majorly cool color.

someone with a Tarbell cassette interface to read. I never had the
necessary equipment, and it's always bugged me as to what the
message was. Has anyone here ever decoded it?

I ment to. The cut FYI from playing with other "floppy roms"
has to be very clean and right on pitch. IA or was it byte did
a few of them as tryouts. Marginally successful.

I'm not familiar with Subotnick. What is his style? Is it more like
Carlos, Tomita, or Fast? Or, something completely different?

Little of all, different than all.

We should talk in terms of how old computers were used
for music or declare this the official off topic thread. We
always seem to have one and often they are as interesting
as any even if they are OT.


Paul Braun WD9GCO
Cygnus Productions
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