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From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Mon Jun 26 21:43:43 2000

> I'm not familiar with Subotnick. What is his style? Is it more like
> Carlos, Tomita, or Fast? Or, something completely different?
> Little of all, different than all.

He fooled around with early FM boxes. He also (on a few albums, anyway)
mixed in real instrumentation.
> We should talk in terms of how old computers were used
> for music or declare this the official off topic thread. We
> always seem to have one and often they are as interesting
> as any even if they are OT.

Well, the problem seems to be that all* of the old analog synth guys had
no clue when it came to digital electronics and computers. Mr. Moog once
said something like "if you threw five pounds of shit in a box and it
made a sound, it sold". If you looks at how MIDI is done, or the circuits
in some of the old samplers and drum machines, you will see what I mean!
Makes you want to knaw your thumbs off.

*Roger Powell of Utopia/Todd Rundgren fame seems to have a clue, as he
stopped making music to work for SGI. I think he used to write for Byte
every so often.

William Donzelli
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