The cost of collecting debate

From: allisonp <>
Date: Wed Jun 28 19:52:43 2000

From: Tony Duell <>
>Anyway, the IBM Incompatibles that I've got include :
>Sanyo MBC555
>DEC Rainbow
>Sirius (Victor 9000)
>IBM PCjr (sort-of. It'll boot standard PC-DOS, but quite a lot of
>software won't run).
>FTS-88 (I've never seen MS-DOS for it, only CP/M 86, but it's an 8088

You forgot the Vaxmate a 286 box that was mildly PC.

>> Honestly, I have no desire for an altair/imsai/apple 1, so as long as
>> are "fashionable" and little else, I won't shed a tear over it. If,
>I, too, have little desire to own any of those.

I have the altair, what junk. I do have a buch of other first machines
of the SBC

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