Seeking info and parts for MicroVax II BA123

From: Tothwolf <>
Date: Sat Dec 8 22:02:08 2001

Well, after all the talk about a MicroVax II BA123 on the list lately, I
managed to unbury mine. It appears to be all original except for 2 hard
drives that may have been added as an upgrade. All the boards match up
with the DEC sticker with handwritten board numbers. It has the standard
cpu board, what seems to be a 2mb ram board, a serial interface board w/ 8
ports, and the standard scsi and tape interface boards. It also has some
sort of loopback board in the upper 3rd slot. Does anyone have a link to
reference info on these boards? I'd like to find a pair of 8mb ram boards
and a network interface for this thing, so I can put it back in service
for open source software development/testing. I don't know the part
numbers for these boards, so any extra info would be great. I'm also
looking for the door that covers the front control panel, as this machine
seems to have lost its door at some point before I rescued it. If anyone
has any of these parts laying around, please drop me an email. I'm more
then willing to pay shipping. I really don't think I have much of anything
anyone here would want as a trade, so I'm willing to pay for the parts too
if required.

Another interesting tidbit about this box, it still has its inventory
sticker from NASA, and it orig cost good old uncle sam $22,000+. Anyone
else wonder why they didn't have it outfitted with a network interface of
somesort, especially with it costing that much already?

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