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Date: Thu Dec 13 20:48:43 2001

Well squid is about as tasty as neoprene, but I remember my grandmother's
sliced tongue. Absolutely delicious, a bit revolting to prepare, like eels.

On Thu, 13 Dec 2001, Roger Merchberger wrote:

> Rumor has it that Douglas Quebbeman may have mentioned these words:
> > > > I'll bet you're presbyotic (far-sighted)
> > >
> > > Nit pick time. I think you mean presbyopic. presbyotic would be
> > > someone who can only hear things far away.
> Hmmm... from my High School biology & health classes, I seem to recall that
> myopia is nearsightedness, *hyperopia* was farsightedness, and I thought
> that presbyopia was either someone who can see near & far but not in
> between, or someone that could not see near or far, but what was in between
> was in focus... but that was a long time ago... and the health field
> changes faster than the computer field... (I was amazed seeing back 80-90
> years ago that over 50% of the folks that died in my town were diagnosed
> with "consumption"... I wonder what consumed them? Maybe squirrels??? ;-)
> > > > Plus, isn't the fiddle on their stomach? Should I ask the spider
> > > > to "present, front and center" so i can check?
> > >
> > > Definitely on the back, hence the common name fiddleback spider.
> Makes me *very* happy to be in Northern Michigan - other than a rumor every
> 10 years or so of a rattlesnake being seen, hardly anything poisonous other
> than wasps & bumblebees is able to survive up here... :-)
> Oh, and my grandma was born/raised in the foothills of Kentucky -- if it
> didn't crawl away fast enough, it was dinner. I've eaten squirrel that my
> brother & I shot (small red squirrels) - it's *very* tasty, but you'd best
> have a *lot* of them! I've also had muskrat, beaver, raccoon, squid, deer
> (venison - my dad just shot one this morning!! Yum!), bear, moose, buffalo,
> elk, wild boar.... usw.
> And yes, cow's tongue is very good also, when prepared correctly, but I
> never did acquire a taste for the pickled pork hocks... I don't "pretend"
> what I like, because I like most everything.
> Yes, it's offtopic, but I just thought I'd include that for those here who
> are squeamish... ;^>
> "Merch"
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> Recycling is good, right??? Ok, so I'll recycle an *older* .sig.
> (circa 1997!) Why does Hershey's put nutritional information on
> their candy bar wrappers when there's no nutritional value within?

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