Color Coding, A/C (Mains) Leads, USA ONLY, Redux

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Date: Fri Dec 14 18:14:25 2001

On Fri, 14 Dec 2001, Russ Blakeman wrote:

> -> I have a PSU, the input leads (part of the EMI filter
> -> I think) are labeled L, G, and N. G is I am sure, the
> -> ground.
> ->
> -> Of N and L (beutral and low?), which goes to thewhite
> -> wire, and which goes to the black wire?

Function North American International
                  (NA) (ICC)
Hot (Line) Black Brown
Neutral White Blue
Earth (Ground) Green Green w/yellow stripe

Sometimes you will find both schemes in use at the same time. Typically
you will see this for power switches. Often Black and White are used for
the power input, and Brown and Blue are the supply lines for the power
supply. Not all manufactures follow this standard, so if in doubt, double
check with a volt meter.

> -> The A/C cord is a 20amp type with the two blades at
> -> 90 degrees to each other as in "| -".
> I don't know why you've got the opposed blades. In the US we use type A (2
> pring in parallel) and B (two parallels with a round ground prong) and many
> places in Euro they use the two round pronged C type. Ive seen the opposed
> blade type but I think it's 220 for air conditioners, I may halucenating
> from all the dust I just got into inside an old PS/2 I'm digging out of
> storage. It might alos be made for 400hz power, who knows.

A 15A 120v plug will have the 2 blades parallel, while a 20A 120v plug
will have one rotated 90 degrees. 240v plugs are similar, but not

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