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From: Bob Withers <bwit_at_pobox.com>
Date: Thu Feb 1 08:40:06 2001

At 11:19 PM 1/31/01 -0800, Sellam Ismail wrote:
>On Thu, 1 Feb 2001 THETechnoid_at_home.com wrote:
> > I don't know if the article you are looking for is in Kilobaud, but I
> > worshiped that mag back then and it predates Byte by a few years. In fact,
> > I think it Became Byte.
>Not true on either count. Byte started at issue #1 in September, 1975.
>Kilobaud Microcomputing started at the end of 1976 or beginning of 1979.
>I don't have the issues in front of me to check but I believe this is
>where you got it mixed up with Byte. Kilobaud and Microcomputing were
>seperate mags that merged at some point.

Kilobaud and Byte were both started by Wayne Green. IIRC Kilobaud grew out
of another Green publication for Hams called 73. 1976 might be right but
it was started before 79.

I don't recall a mag called Microcomputing that merged with Kilobaud but at
some point it changed it's name to Kilobaud Microcomputing and later 80

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