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Date: Thu Feb 1 11:54:51 2001

Where the hell were you guys at the time???????

Kilobaud did not become Byte, nor vice-versa. Wayne Green started
Kilobaud after his ex got Byte in a divorce settlement.

He also had a Ham magazine.

Later, he started 80 Microcomputing (a TRS-80 mag) as a spin-off from

The way that computer magazines work:
I bought issues at newsstands (DeLauer), and at computer stores.
A given magazine would become stable, and offer a substantial amount of
technical information. When I was sure that it was stable, and not about
to change, I would subscribe. The FIRST issue of my subscription would
ALWAYS carry the "GOOD NEWS" that either the technical material was
discontinued, or was being spun-off to be in a separate journal, or
closing down.

For example:
MY subscription to Kilobaud (for TRS-80 stuff) after years of single
issues, caused the creation of 80 Microcomputing.
MY subscription to 80 Microcomputing closed it.
My subscription to Dr. Dobb's led to focus shift to management.
(I have subscribed and lapsed DDJ many times. Notice the everchanging
MY subscription to PC Magazine caused PC Tech Journal.
MY subscription to PC Tech Journal closed it.
MY re-subscription to PC magazine caused the cessation of program
MY subscription to MicroCornucopia closed it.
I got comps of Bytes for MANY years. When I subscribed, . . .
I FINALLY got reliable source for MicroTimes and Computer Currents (Once
"Computer Classifieds"), . . .
My subscription to Programmer's Journal, . . .
My subscription to MS Systems Journal, . . .
Interface Age, , , ,
Creative Computing, . . .

My [free] subscription to PC-Week has lapsed because I just wouldn't
escalate the lies high enough ("Purchase authority for $45M per year,
I'm getting InfoWorld again, . . .

What should I subscribe to next?

BTW, for looking for personal mentions, etc.(the origin of THIS thread),
for ~1988 on, use Computer Select/Computer Library. BTW2, guess why it
isn't what it once was.

Grumpy Ol' Fred
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