From: Mark Green <>
Date: Thu Feb 1 21:32:57 2001

> Where the hell were you guys at the time???????
> Kilobaud did not become Byte, nor vice-versa. Wayne Green started
> Kilobaud after his ex got Byte in a divorce settlement.

Where did you get this from?? Wayne Green was never involved
with Byte. Kilobaud (actually the ham magaize) and Byte were
competitors from the very beginning. I worked with a number
of the Byte people in the early years and I never heard this
story (I heard a lot of other interesting ones).

> He also had a Ham magazine.

Number of early computer articles appeared in that magazine, but
for the life of me I can't remember the name of it. Wayne Green
was quite a controversial character (no relation) at the time. He
was well known for slaming other magazines for real or imagined

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