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From: Adrian Graham <agraham_at_ccat.co.uk>
Date: Fri Feb 2 06:01:09 2001

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subject: Any classic telecoms fanatics on the list?

Not quite computing, but it hits the ten-year mark. Just think of it as a
big tape drive ;)

I've got an old reel-to-reel answering machine made by Ansafone which I'm
trying to locate more information on (web searches turn up nothing useful
and there don't seem to be any "classic" telecoms groups which I can find -
if someone knows of one, let me know)

I did come across a uk.telecom newsgroup which turned up one person who'd
heard of the machine - he was quite helpful with connector info. Apparently
the phone socket on the back of the machine (a big 6-pin round socket) is
known as a "96a" type jack. It's the pin-outs for this which I'm really

(plan is to try to hook this thing up to the phone network if I can; the
phone system hasn't changed much - outwardly anyway - in years so hopefully
it's still possible, providing our exchange still supports pulse as well as
tone dialling)


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