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I've worked for both BYTE and Wayne, and Wayne was the original publisher of
BYTE. He will tell you he founded it, but the real story is a bit murkier.

After years of claiming to have been the sole founder of BYTE and slamming
his ex-wife, Virginia Londoner, for taking the magazine away from him in
print, Wayne was sued by Virginia for slander. The key witness in the case
was Carl Helmers, the first editor of BYTE and former publisher of the ECS
Journal. When asked whether Wayne or Virginia started the magazine, he
replied, "Well, actually *I* started BYTE."

The upshot: The judge ruled that neither Wayne nor Virginia could claim to
be sole founders of BYTE; I don't believe there was any cash settlement, but
I could be wrong.

Carl, BTW, now publishes ID Systems and Desktop Engineering magazines. He
still uses Robert Tinney, the artist who did a lot of the great early BYTE
covers, from time to time.


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> Mark Green wrote:
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> > > Where the hell were you guys at the time???????
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> > >
> > > Kilobaud did not become Byte, nor vice-versa. Wayne Green started
> > > Kilobaud after his ex got Byte in a divorce settlement.
> >
> > Where did you get this from?? Wayne Green was never involved
> > with Byte. Kilobaud (actually the ham magaize) and Byte were
> Wayne Green was involved with Byte Magazine at the beginning although I
> don't know for how long. His name was listed IIRC the publisher on at
> the first issue of Byte.
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