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From: no <oliv555_at_arrl.net>
Date: Fri Feb 2 10:07:46 2001

Any listmembers interested in the following items which are about
to be heaved as part of the annual cleanup at my workplace:
 (free; pickup only in the Houston area unless otherwise noted)

- DEC BA23 enclosure, unpopulated, with RX50; badged MicroPDP11

- T.I. silent 700 mini data terminal w/plug-in cart (works)

- VT100 logic boards (6) were spares for our VT100 fleet being
    scrapped - pickup or you-pay-shipping

- I'm still trying to free up a SGI 1400 system (kbd mouse manuals
    and 19" industrial monitor). This is about the size of a BA123.
    If anyone is interested in this, let me know, I will try harder.

Last years cleanup saw 8 cartons of PDP1145 core mem get heaved (I was
on vacation and thought I had them safely stshed out-of-sight) Thats
over 200 boards! Still pains me when I think about it.

Any other interesting items that surface will be added to list.
Email me your wants; shipping for single logic board, $4.20. Thanks.

            nick oliviero
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