FS: IBM PS/2 model 55SX with Procom IDE interface

From: Russ Blakeman <russ_at_rbcs.8m.com>
Date: Fri Feb 2 10:24:44 2001

A friend of mine paid out $15 for a PS/2 8555, or model 55SX thinking it was
PCI interfaces (newby, doesn't know what microchannel is). Anyway I told him
that it was microchannel and NOT to put any PCI's in it, which he was smart
enough to heed. I looked the unit over and it has a Procom IDE hard drive
interface and is a complte main unit. Of course it doesn't have the monitor,
keyboard or mouse but is otherwise a complete main unit with hard drive,
floppy, token ring card and memory and (of course) has built-in serial,
parallel, video, mouse and keyboard ports. I believe it runs a 386SX-16
processor and has a coprocessor socket as well. It uses 72 pin SIMMs as
well, has 2mb in it now. Cosmetically it's in really good condition as well.

Now that he knows it isn't suitable for his needs he wants to get what he
has into it - the $15 (plus shipping of about 18-20 lbs). Anyone out there
want a 55SX that you can adapt more than the standard 55SX? I'll be cleaning
and testing it this weekend and if there are no firm repsonses by next
Friday I'll toss it on eBay to see what it gets. Email me direct at
rhblake_at_bigfoot.com if you have questions or wish to put a firm hold on it
for yourself. First come, first served.
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