Amiga development (was: uVAX II Memory Board)

From: Gareth Knight <>
Date: Sun Feb 4 07:14:11 2001

Jeff Hellige wrote:
> >I'm drawing a blank here on Tripos, but I've noticed some simularities to
> >OpenVMS in the Amiga OS. IIRC, AmigaOS development was done on something
> >like a VAX-11/780. Anyway the above syntax kind of looks like something
> >you'd find in a DEC OS to me.
> The main source on which I've seen it mentioned that AmigaDOS
> was a port of Tripos was on Gareth Knight's 'Amiga Interactive
> Guide'. It was supposedly ported by a company called MetaComCo in
> late 1984 when the original 'Intuition' was way behind schedule.

The original Amiga team developed on some kind of Sun system. If you use
DiskSalv on the Workbench disks you can even recover a Sun-Amiga transfer
program. I'm afraid I can't be specific on the exact spec of the Sun system,
even the Amiga team don't know what they used....

As for TripOS, it was developed at Cambridge University (IIRC). It is
possible that they used a Vax at the Uni. or MetaComCo but I don't have
information to support or disprove this.
Dr. Tim King of MetaComCo had already ported the OS to the Motorola 68k
before Commodore contacted them. It was a minor task of getting it to work
on the Amiga, but required a few months to get it to work with Intuition. I
haven't updated the page in a while, but there is relevant information on
the following pages:

As a side note, there was a web site by one of the original TripOS
developers that had source code and binaries for an x86 and Atari ST port.
The link I have is dead, but it may be worth a look.
Gareth Knight
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