Amiga development (was: uVAX II Memory Board)

From: John Foust <>
Date: Sun Feb 4 08:29:29 2001

At 01:14 PM 2/4/01 +0000, Gareth Knight wrote:
>The original Amiga team developed on some kind of Sun system. If you use
>DiskSalv on the Workbench disks you can even recover a Sun-Amiga transfer

I don't particularly remember tools for Sun, but it's possible.
What I do remember is that they told early developers about a
Sage, 68000-based co-development system. I may even have disks
with those tools on them. There was also a Lattice PC-based
cross-compiler. I think I have that, too. I remember using
it, or trying to use it. A dual-floppy Compaq luggable was
a step above the gronk-gronk Amiga floppies for development
in some ways. I was an early Amiga developer. I think
my A1000 is serial number 35 or so. Once upon a time in a
serial number contest on Compuserve, I think only Charlie Heath
beat mine.

>As for TripOS, it was developed at Cambridge University (IIRC). It is
>possible that they used a Vax at the Uni. or MetaComCo but I don't have
>information to support or disprove this.
>Dr. Tim King of MetaComCo had already ported the OS to the Motorola 68k

Tripos was written in BCPL, a language created by Martin Richards,
often quoted as a progenitor of C:

Metacomco had a 68000 version of Tripos and a BCPL compiler,
and when Amiga was in a bind, they used their OS core.

I don't get too excited about foolish consistencies like
the "MOUNT" command. Anyone working with operating systems
in the 70s modeled parts on what they'd seen before, and
that certainly involved DEC computers and OSes. I think
HD0: is a co-evolutionary natural name, if you're using
colons to demark volume names and you own a Hard Disk.

- John
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