Amiga development (was: uVAX II Memory Board)

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Sun Feb 4 08:59:57 2001

>I don't particularly remember tools for Sun, but it's possible.
>What I do remember is that they told early developers about a
>Sage, 68000-based co-development system. I may even have disks
>with those tools on them. There was also a Lattice PC-based

        Thanks for the insights into the early software development.
I've seen plenty of interviews and such where the later development
was talked about, but rarely anything from prior to the release of
the A1000. My personal A1000, along with my Atari MegaST-2 and
Osborne Executive, came to me after being retired from NRL (Navy
Research Lab) in Washington D.C, as did my previous NeXT.

>that certainly involved DEC computers and OSes. I think
>HD0: is a co-evolutionary natural name, if you're using
>colons to demark volume names and you own a Hard Disk.

        I've always thought the AmigaDOS drive designators were one
of the more logical and easy to understand out there. I mean come
on, DF0: = drive, floppy, number 0! Certainly easier to figure out
exactly what it is you're looking at than the CP/M & MS-DOS
convention of starting with A: and working your way up the alphabet.
Then you didn't even have to stick with DF0: or HD0:, you could refer
to it interchangably using it's volume label as well.

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