3w3 to bnc video connection

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Sun Feb 4 19:49:30 2001

Soldering them to a mating socket via some RG59 should work. Crimp 3 bnc's
on each of three cables and solder them to the respective pins on the other
connector. These cables, IIRC normally cost $18-$25 at the local computer
store, however. It may not be worth the extra work to you.

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Subject: 3w3 to bnc video connection

> the one used on mips machines and vax 4000/vlc, three small coax (male)
> connectors side-by-side in a receptacle....is there a way to "jerry rig"
> these sub-d coax plugs and connect them to 3 bnc's without just soldering
> them in?
> I can't seem to find a 3w3to bnc videocable anymore....
> Where would I find the matching small coax (female) plugs?
> Fred
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