AppleTalk On NeXT Cube

From: Jarkko Teppo <>
Date: Mon Feb 5 01:51:00 2001

On Fri, Feb 02, 2001 at 11:29:18PM -0600, Owen Robertson wrote:
> Yes. I have the Developer CD. Doesn't NeXTStep have AppleTalk support built
> in?

Buggy version(s) in 3.0 I think. NS is one of the few OS's that I really
like. The developer stuff is really beautiful and some of the apps
were (and still are) really out there. I have all the Lighthouse
stuff, I had Framemaker (I *did* try to buy it but resorted to hacking
the license stuff with gdb), Lotus Improv (weird and wonderfull
spreadsheet), Altsys Virtuoso and Mathematica. For web browsing
Omniweb is the only choice. I have the one and original by Tim Berners-Lee on some CD.

I'd really like to get a NextDimension (and a cube to go with that)

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