C64 question

From: Russ Blakeman <russ_at_rbcs.8m.com>
Date: Mon Feb 5 10:37:06 2001

I don't have my 128D up (still packed from a move 2 yrs ago) but I have
links to some Commode-ore sites that have info, files, etc and one of them
is a browser (text based) that is supposed to work out on the internet with
a commodore and modem. I'm sure that I saw mention of a way to have the
program mailed to you on a C64 format floppy or to a BBS that you could use
a common program to download it from.

Again, it's been a couple years since I broke mine out but I know there are
all sorts of Commodore sites and files on the net. The term/name Brain seems
to come to mind...

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Okay, I picked up quite a haul for $20:

* Commodore 64 in almost-new looking condition, original box
* 1541 Disk drive, in original box (but no disk drive manual :(
* 1525 Printer, in box
* Programmer's Reference Guide
* User's Guide
* Assorted software and disks
* VicModem
* Two joysticks
* All cables

Anyways, hooked it up, wrote a few BASIC programs, ran a couple
of the programs supplied, cool.
Now the question is, where on earth will I find some key
programs -- mostly games (after all, games were its specialty!)
but I REALLY want a 6502 assembler like Merlin, and to find
connectors to fit the cartridge slot to hang some custom hardware
off of and develop driver code for. I'll be careful. :)

And if I find it somewhere on the 'net, how to get it into
the C64? Has anyone solved that one?

I know it's got an RS232 port, so perhaps I could write a small
BASIC program to bootstrap in the program at low speed and develop
something like an Xmodem download with the downloaded assembler.
Just wondering if anyone has
a better way to get software from 'net to C64, and knows a good
source for same. Maybe a cave full of cartridges like the
Atari has exists out there... :)

-- Ross
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