Amiga Unix (was: Amiga development)

From: Mark Gregory <>
Date: Mon Feb 5 10:36:17 2001

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Subject: Re: Amiga development (was: uVAX II Memory Board)

> While I haven't had an AMIX tape in my hands, ISTR it was on a 150Mb
> like the ones that plagued Suns until the rise of DAT and 8mm.
> I don't recall if the X server for it required the Lowell graphics card
> or merely worked to a reasonable potential with it (TI 34010 chipset, I
> believe... dredging up very rarely refreshed bits here).

IIRC, AMIX will run without the Lowell graphics card, but only in black and
white. For a colour X-display, you need the Lowell card, which is about as
hard to find as the AMIX tapes and tape drive. I was interested in
acquiring Amix a while back, and posted a "WTB" to comp.sys.amiga.unix; I
got several replies, so there are copies out there.

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