VMS Manuals Available

From: Jason McBrien <jbmcb_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Mon Feb 5 17:10:18 2001

They had the complete Pathworks set, as I recall, I'm not sure what version
but probably early 90's vintage. Boxed versions w/ manuals for OS/2,
Macintosh, DOS/Windows, and the server software, I belive. They also had a
bunch of these wierd adapter things, boxes about 5" long, 4" wide and 1"
thick, with captive power cables and those odd DEC RJXX Serial ports. Some
kind of transceiver? The manuals were mixed orange wall and softcover style.
They also had a box of Sun manuals, but it was taped shut so I couldn't tell
excatly which they were.

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> Hmmm, do they have the Pathworks Mac doc's? I could use those! I use a
> combo of it, a Ethertalk-to-localtalk converter and Samba to turn my VMS
> server into a Printserver for my HP5MP.
> Zane
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