Amiga development (was: uVAX II Memory Board)

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Mon Feb 5 16:43:19 2001

Ethan Dicks skrev:

>--- Iggy Drougge <> wrote:
>> Bill Pechter skrev:
>> >A friend of mine worked on the port of AT&T SVR4 to the Amiga.
>> I'd love to get my hands on AMIX, Amiga SVR4, but it was only distributed
>> on tape, AFAIK, and the only time I've seen it was on eBay at a rather
>> exaggerated price, IIRC.

>While I haven't had an AMIX tape in my hands, ISTR it was on a 150Mb tape,
>like the ones that plagued Suns until the rise of DAT and 8mm.

>I don't recall if the X server for it required the Lowell graphics card
>or merely worked to a reasonable potential with it (TI 34010 chipset, I
>believe... dredging up very rarely refreshed bits here).

While I doubt that anyone is running AMIX, I found a slew of AMIX files in the
contrib dir on the Gateway vol 2 CD here.
Here's the README:

 These archives are a donation from Klaus Burckert.

 Klaus currently works at Village Tronic, at was, is and will be
 responsible for the hardware design of the graphic boards
 "Domino", "Picasso II", "Mac Picasso" and "Picasso IV". Also he
 worked a lot on the Ethernet-Board "Ariadne".

 Since long his hobby was AMIX. Having an A2000 with a GVP
 Series II SCSI adaptor, he wrote support for this adaptor for AMIX.

 Also, he wrote about a dozen of very sophisticated X Servers for
 several graphic boards.

 Having intented to release this stuff for years, he finally found
 a place to distribute it on the Gateway! Vol. 2.

 You can reach Klaus via email:

 Thanks Klaus!

The directory contains GVP stuff, an Ariadne driver, X11R4 and R5, and a
"SVGA" driver, which supports the following cards:

    - Domino 32K
        - Domino 16M
            - oMniBus
                - Merlin (in ZorroII mode)
                    - Picasso II (only in linear mode)
                        - Piccolo (in ZorroII mode)
                            - Spectrum (in ZorroII mode)
If you want them, tell me and I'll upload them somewhere.

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