Amiga Unix (was: Amiga development)

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Tue Feb 6 19:55:58 2001

> OTOH, Gateway only bought the Amiga Technologies (ESCOM moved the Amiga
> operation into a company of its own) assets. AMIX could possibly have belonged
> to Commodore, which was subsequently bought by Tulip.

Tulip is a weird one. All they bought was the name, and then promptly allowed
it to be diluted by a wild string of office supply parts (a Commodore paper
shredder appeared a couple years back) and their inferior line of PC clones.
I actually have a "Commodore" PS/2 mouse connected to the 486 laptop.

Gateway, on the other hand, holds all the 8-bit rights as well (someone went
out and confirmed this). So, if it was part of the assets transferred (John
Foust makes a good point, it might not be), then Gateway has it -- they have
just about everything else.

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