Another Apple II clone found (Microcom) for trade/giveaway

From: Claude.W <>
Date: Tue Feb 6 20:10:49 2001

I picked this up a few weeks back.

Apple II clone.

Microcom logo on case. Microcom tags on Eproms.Boots with "Microcom" on screen.

Fine shape, can send photos.

Even got a Microcom "branded" floppy that goes with it. Floppy has paper tag with Microcom written on it and serial no.

All working.

Because of space limitations I have to limit myself to what I collect. I have decided to not collect Apple II clones (just collecting those clones would take up quite a bit of space)

Up for trade/giveaway ASAP. Would like it to go to a good home where it will be appreciated... don't want $.I collect 197x-198x micros 8-16 bits.

Something to add to my collection in exchange would be appreciated. See what I have and my wish list at :

Looking for early Z80-CP/M systems, early trs80 models, Apple III, Next, Lisa (arent we all), Sinclairs other then 1000s... I have lots more to trade...I dont sell - just trade with other collectors.

email me if interested.

Canuk Computer Collector

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