Question for the HPUX guys

From: Paul Thompson <>
Date: Wed Feb 7 10:46:24 2001

There is a ODE (offline diagnostic env) program called COPYUTIL which will
create an image backup of a disk at a glacial pace. You need to run an
interactive IPL and do a LS at your ISL> prompt to see if you have it
installed. My experience with HPUX begins at 10.0 so I don't know if it
dates back to version 8. It might be on your 10.20 CD if you boot from
that you could probably still use it to copy your version 8 disk.

On Wed, 7 Feb 2001, Steve Robertson wrote:

> Hey gang,
> I recently changed companies and went from a NT environment to a UNIX shop.
> While I have decent skills in UNIX, some additional experience certainly
> wouldn't hurt.
> So... In order to reinforce my professional standing by learning more UNIX,
> and to entertain my collecting hobby by doing it on an older system, I drug
> out one of my old HP 9000/832s and fired it up. The system is curently
> running HPUX 8.0
> Before I screw up anything (which is inevitable), I really need to make a
> recovery tape. Question: How can I make a COMPLETE backup of the system?
> Ideally, I'd like to make a bootable tape using my 9-track and then copy
> EVERYTHING on to additional tapes. The system does have a built-in DAT drive
> but the 9-track is soooo much more dependable.
> I've got plenty of hardware so, another possibility would be to create a
> second bootable disk(s) and copy the files from set of disks to the other.
> Once again, I'm not entirely sure how to do that.
> I do have the 10.20 distribution CDs so, even in the event of a serious
> crash, I could install a new OS. However, I would loose all the other
> applications that are currently installed.
> Also... I'm having trouble creating a kernel with networking installed.
> After being around for a few years, the config files are probably hosed and
> I don't have enough C programming skills to fix them. So... Does anyone
> have a copy of the original install media for HPUX 8.0 they'd be willing to
> part with?
> Thanks, Steve Robertson
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