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From: Lawrence Walker <lgwalker_at_look.ca>
Date: Wed Feb 7 12:22:50 2001

> I don't have my 128D up (still packed from a move 2 yrs ago) but I
> have links to some Commode-ore sites that have info, files, etc and
> one of them is a browser (text based) that is supposed to work out on
> the internet with a commodore and modem. I'm sure that I saw mention
> of a way to have the program mailed to you on a C64 format floppy or
> to a BBS that you could use a common program to download it from.
> Again, it's been a couple years since I broke mine out but I know
> there are all sorts of Commodore sites and files on the net. The
> term/name Brain seems to come to mind...
 Wow. I don't know why Cameron or one of you other Commodore
guys didn't pick up on this. Jim Brain is/was a seminal figure in
C64 users lore. He had/has the CaBooM C64 meta-link search
engine and maintained the C64 FAQ as well as the premiere C64
FTP site. IIRC he also ocasionally posted to the list. A few years
back he was in a serious car accident which I believe curtailed his
activities somewhat. You can find him at:


ciao larry

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