Helk with a Kontron EPP-80 EPROM Burner

From: Grant Goodes <grant_at_AcceLight.com>
Date: Sun Feb 11 15:29:58 2001

I just acquired an EPROM burner/eraser by Kontron,
model EPP-80, and although most of the functionality
is intuitive enough, the use of the serial port is not.
In particular, I want to download an image from a file
on my PC to the Kontron's local memory. There's an IN
and OUT key, and the OUT key _does_ output something to
the serial port, but in addition to a start and end address,
the command seems to take a format code (eg. 23 outputs the
memory in ASCII Hex notation, in bytes, separated by commas).
Anyone with knowledge/documentation on these units? I'd
appreciate any help, especially access to some documentation.

Please email me directly, as I'm not currently subscribed.


Received on Sun Feb 11 2001 - 15:29:58 GMT

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