Epson Action Laser II

From: Christian Fandt <>
Date: Sun Feb 11 15:28:36 2001

Anybody have a manual for the subject laser printer? I think it's barely on
topic (at least ten years old) as I recall it being bought sometime before
I moved to the new offices at my old employer in early 1992.

I'm attempting to fire it up after having shelved it for several years. I
bought it in a company surplus auction. Naturally, the VP who used it in
his office misplaced the manual. He's a pure non-techie and he admitted to
me often that he doesn't keep track of such things.

I can't for the life of me recall the term for the electrostatically
charged image transfer belt which picks up the toner and transfers it to
the paper. But the one in this unit is physically damaged such that two
black blotches prints on each page along with a very fine line all along
the length of the page -just off center. Anybody have or otherwise knows of
a junker Action Laser II from which I could buy that part? It's the easily
removable assembly positioned right in front of the fuser assembly.

Next, I have to research whether anybody sells replacement toner carts at a
civilized price -that will tell me whether it's actually worthwile
restoring and using this printer :-/ It'll certainly save ink cartrige$ on
our HP DeskJet we have in the house when printing larger quantities of text
or some monochrome graphics for my schoolwork.

Thanks for your help on this.

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