Epson Action Laser II (Back on topic)

From: Christian Fandt <>
Date: Sun Feb 11 21:36:38 2001

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>> Anybody have a manual for the subject laser printer? I think it's
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>> topic (at least ten years old) as I recall it being bought sometime before
>> I moved to the new offices at my old employer in early 1992.
>The manuals can be found here:

Well, now that we know more about Okidata OL400E LED page printers in an
Epson thread :-), let's get back to the questions I originally posed . . .

Firstly: Let me say: Doh! The Epson website was not a first thought as I
had in mind searching for a paper copy of the manual. But the .pdf file of
the manual actually seems a better thing to have at present -especially if
I cannot replace the photoconductor assembly (the thing that I couldn't
recall the name of in the original posting.) No sense in paying for a paper
copy manual if the printer will not be repairable and useful.

Which brings me back to the question: Has anybody got a parts machine from
which I may buy the photoconductor unit assembly? I see from the online
manuals the part number is S051005.

Secondly: Thanks Henry for the heads-up on the online manual!

Thanks in advance for help any of you provide toward finding a good
photoconductor unit.

Regards, Chris
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