Tandys/Apple ][e FCOS

From: Marion Bates <Marion.Bates_at_dartmouth.edu>
Date: Sun Feb 11 21:39:22 2001

Hey all,

I was in one of my watering holes today and saw a Tandy 600 for sale. Looked fairly complete (power supply and a manual I think). Didn't check the price but this guy's usually pretty reasonable and he's got a sale going on electronics for the next couple days. Let me know if you're interested and I'll find out the price and snag it for ya. He also has a bunch of random video game controllers so if you need ANOTHER Atari joystick... ;)

Also of possible interest: I have a Tandy 1000 with some software that needs a home. Don't know for sure that it works but odds are that it does. Welcome to it for the price of shipping or for trade -- anything Apple/Mac/Lisa/Commodore/Atari/videogame-related. I've decided that I need to focus a little with the collecting, and the Tandys don't really turn me on.

Last item, an Apple ][e with Apple /// monitor. Both work. I don't need _another_ one and doubt anyone else does either...but yours for shipping. I live in NH.


-- MB
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