From: Rich Lafferty <>
Date: Mon Feb 12 15:22:50 2001

On Mon, Feb 12, 2001 at 01:08:11PM -0800, Zane H. Healy ( wrote:
> >OK, what on earth happened to the Dejanews archive? Seems like they've been
> >taken over by Google (leading us one step closer to a single corporation
> >controlling the entire world, no doubt! :-)
> Oh, great. An already bad weekend ends up even worse. Now the
> trick no longer works, at least it isn't as advertising
> heavy as standard DejaNews had become.
> Now the question is, how far does the archive go back now?

*Right this moment*, six months.

Once Google gets the infrastructure put together (it's apparently not
done, the six months is very much a make-do), all the way back to '95.

I'm reserving judgment until they get a chance to actually write the
front-end. (They couldn't use Deja's, which was for NT.)


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