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From: Cini, Richard <RCini_at_congressfinancial.com>
Date: Mon Feb 12 15:14:33 2001

Hello, all:

        Well, I'm going to embark on another project--to build the P112
Z80182 SBC. As you may recall, this is a nifty Z80-based SBC that's the size
of a 3.5" floppy drive and uses a standard PC I/O controller for disk

        Dave Brooks no longer makes the machines, but I was able to purchase
a bare board from him for $25.

        Anyway, it requires a few SMD components which I can locate at Arrow
and Pioneer Standard, but there are purchase minimums that I can't meet. I
can probably order the chips in one-offs but not the SMDs.

        So, I'm looking for the following:

        BAR43C Schottky diode SOT23, common cathode ; has odd pin
        BAR43 {same}
        BCW71 transistor, NPN SOT23
        SMSC FDC37C665GT SuperIO chip, QFP100
        Zilog Z8018216FSC1932 Microprocessor, QFP100

        Anyway, if anyone has a source for these in hobbiest contact me
off-list. Thanks.


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