More VAX troubles

From: ajp166 <>
Date: Mon Feb 12 17:24:54 2001

From: Iggy Drougge <>

>The only problem now, is that the computer crashes whenever IP traffic
>beyond simple pinging or a few lines of telnet. The NIC is a DECNA
>and reseating it doesn't seem to solve anything. It is possible to ping

Must be running netbsd. The DEQNA is the older of the Qbus NICs and it's
ok if
working. If you can find a DELQA which was a newer version that would be
Both can be found as networked vaxen were not unusual.

>What could be wrong this time? Should the card or the OS be replaced,
and how
>uncommon are these NICs? I could need another one for the plain MicroVAX

If the OS is Netbsd then look into the version your running. If VMS
theres something
going on, hard to guess what.

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