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From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Mon Feb 12 17:49:28 2001

Have you tried DigiKey. I haven't looked through my catalog as it's buried
in a box right now but they sshould have many of these parts. MCM
Electronics in Ohio also has many items and even if not in their catalog
they can outsorce them many times.

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Hello, all:

        Well, I'm going to embark on another project--to build the P112
Z80182 SBC. As you may recall, this is a nifty Z80-based SBC that's the size
of a 3.5" floppy drive and uses a standard PC I/O controller for disk

        Dave Brooks no longer makes the machines, but I was able to purchase
a bare board from him for $25.

        Anyway, it requires a few SMD components which I can locate at Arrow
and Pioneer Standard, but there are purchase minimums that I can't meet. I
can probably order the chips in one-offs but not the SMDs.

        So, I'm looking for the following:

        BAR43C Schottky diode SOT23, common cathode ; has odd pin
        BAR43 {same}
        BCW71 transistor, NPN SOT23
        SMSC FDC37C665GT SuperIO chip, QFP100
        Zilog Z8018216FSC1932 Microprocessor, QFP100

        Anyway, if anyone has a source for these in hobbiest contact me
off-list. Thanks.


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