Tek XD88

From: Julian Richardson <JRichardson_at_softwright.co.uk>
Date: Tue Feb 13 05:50:38 2001

Well, it seems like I have posting access to the list again, so I'll dig out
this little question that I keep on asking occasionally...

I've got the remains of a Tektronix XD88/10 Unix workstation from the late
80's. I've only got the system unit and the keyboard - no mouse or monitor.
I do have a 16" sony monitor that I know works fine with it though, so that
leaves a mouse to find from somewhere, or to make one from something else
(no idea what protocol or type of mouse the system needs though)

The hard disk is almost dead though, starting to give read errors all over
the place - from memory the system won't boot any more. I expect I can get a
replacement disk easily enough - probably even a modern 3.5" SCSI drive
would work I expect to replace the 5.25" full-height drive. The machine's
got a SCSI-1 drive, around 400MB, but I think SCSI-2 drives will work in
the old SCSI modes won't they? (I have a 400MB 3.5" drive which could
replace it if so)

What I don't have though is the OS tapes (a common problem for 80's hardware
I expect!). I'm waiting to hear back from Tek but they couldn't provide any
help last time I tried a couple of years ago. Does anyone on the list have
such a machine or know someone who has?

Is it worth me trying to do a raw backup of the disk before it fails
completely? I can put it in my main PC at home which has SCSI and read raw
data from it under linux (not sure what filesystem Tek used, proprietary I
expect) but don't know if I'm wasting my time there - I don't know if
that'll give me anything useful at the end of the day anyway. Even assuming
I could find an identical working drive and do a raw copy of the failing
disk onto it (at the block level), would that work - or is there always
going to be some sector translation at a lower level which meant that the
contents of the "new" disk wouldn't make any sense when put into the system?

Thanks for any help,


ps. I don't know how many of these machines Tek sold, but it feels like
about 5 given the amount of information there is around about them! :-)
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