From: Julian Richardson <>
Date: Tue Feb 13 04:43:46 2001

> They've promised exactly that; they bought the whole thing, and
> <URL:>
> that they're bringing the whole thing online, in the first couple
> paragraphs. Indexing a few terabytes of data seems an excusable
> to not have it ready right away :-)

Deja didn't have the older archives available for a while now. Every time I
emailed their support service I got an automated reply back saying that it
was temporarily unavailable - I suppose that if this takeover was looming
then that explains a lot.

Oh, I don't know about them having the last 6 months up at the moment by the
way - yesterday afternoon they didn't have some of my posts and follow-ups
from less than a week ago.

Hopefully there'll be a way of grabbing group archives to local storage -
that'll be handy. I hope they put some serious work into the UI too and
actually make it look like a piece of newsreader software rather than a bad
web front-end (as dejanews was and as the site is currently)



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