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From: Gareth Knight <gareth.knight_at_btinternet.com>
Date: Sun Feb 11 09:33:07 2001

Ethan Dicks wrote:
> It was once said that of Commodore was selling sushi, they'd call it
> raw, dead fish." But Marketing aside, there _were_ a bunch of stupid
> engineering decisions, well documented by R.J. Mikal in his "Commodore
> Deathbed Vigil" tape.

On a related note, *Dave Haynie's* Deathbed Vigil can be found in MPEG
format on the Amiga Forever v4 CD. In my mind, Apple made simliar mistakes
and cancelled many more products than Commodore during the last 20 years.
Fortunately, they had a stronger US foothold than the Big C.
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