Sun SPARCstation 2

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Date: Wed Feb 14 16:17:13 2001

Cameron Kaiser wrote:
> > Are Net and OpenBSD light-weight OSes? Holy smokes!
> OpenBSD, no. NetBSD, yes.

I'm curious why you say OpenBSD isn't light-weight. It'll run just fine on
a system with as little as 16MB, and works great on something like 24MB
(which I think is what my firewall has). I think I've run it in as little
as 8MB on a Alpha based DEC Multia.

Basically I'm just wondering if this is a different version of Light-Weight
than I'm used to. (Of course I've run Linux and X-Windows on a 386sx/16
based laptop with Math Coprocessor and 4MB RAM, now that's a tight fit)

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