NeXTStep on Sparc (was: Re: Sun SPARCstation 2)

From: Rich Lafferty <>
Date: Wed Feb 14 16:13:34 2001

On Wed, Feb 14, 2001 at 02:00:38PM -0800, ( wrote:
> > Yep, which I have, but it was not NeXTStep, it was OpenStep. It still
> > needs Solaris to run. It was just a window manager with the appropriate
> > OpenStep development environment, not the actual MACH-based OS.
> > I run OpenStep, CDE, Openwindows, Motif Window Manager on my
> > Solaris 2.6-based Sparc IPX...
> >
> > Ram
> Really? I'd thought it was the entire OS (BTW, I'm pretty sure NeXTStep 3.3
> will also run on it).

There's OpenStep for Solaris, and there's NEXTSTEP for Sparc. The
latter is plain old NS3.3 and runs FAT NEXTSTEP binaries; the former
is Solaris with X11 and all and runs SunOS binaries. OpenStep for
Solaris requires an older version of Solaris (2.5.1 was too new when I
tried it), but it's free --

Note that that's "OpenStep for Solaris" (compare "OpenStep for Windows
NT"), and not "OpenStep for Mach for Sparc" (compare "Openstep for
Mach for Intel").



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