Sun SPARCstation 2

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Wed Feb 14 18:20:10 2001

healyzh skrev:

>> I mean size of the install. Kernel-performance-wise, they're about the
>> same, since the newer releases of NetBSD are becoming closer and closer to
>> OpenBSD by design (particularly to take advantage of the security in OBSD).
>> Of course, this differs from arch to arch. Maybe there's little difference
>> between the two on Sun as far as install size there too.

>OK, I've tried NetBSD 1.4.1 on Alpha and PMAX, and OpenBSD on Alpha and
>Sparc. I found it a lot easier to do an install of OpenBSD on a small disk
>than NetBSD. NetBSD seems to be a total nightmare in less than 1GB based on
>my experience with the PMAX port.

I had no problems with NetBSD/pmax on my 400 MB drive. I also run NetBSD/i386
on a 6MB system with two drives adding to 300 MB, one 100-megger for root and
one 200 MB /usr. It certainly was a tight fit on the sole 100-megger.
OTOH, I've never bothered with X on any of my systems.
Besides, the NetBSD sysinst is a lot nice for setting the disk up than
OpenBSD's installation tools, which are only slightly more friendly than
disklabel, BSD fdisk et al.

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