NeXTStep on Sparc (was: Re: Sun SPARCstation 2)

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Wed Feb 14 18:30:31 2001

>Really? I'd thought it was the entire OS (BTW, I'm pretty sure NeXTStep 3.3
>will also run on it). I'm curious, do you happen to know if a
>configureation like you're talking about will run on a dual processor
>Sparc 20? I'd wouldn't mind the ability to run the Lighthouse apps
> on my Sparc 20, and OmniWeb
>would be cool also.

        I know that NeXTStep ran on processors other than x86 and the
NeXT hardware but unfortunately the Academic Bundle of 3.3, which is
what I have, only included the system for those two, plus various
drivers for PC-type hardware.

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