NeXTStep on Sparc (was: Re: Sun SPARCstation 2)

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Date: Wed Feb 14 16:00:38 2001

> Yep, which I have, but it was not NeXTStep, it was OpenStep. It still
> needs Solaris to run. It was just a window manager with the appropriate
> OpenStep development environment, not the actual MACH-based OS.
> I run OpenStep, CDE, Openwindows, Motif Window Manager on my
> Solaris 2.6-based Sparc IPX...
> Ram

Really? I'd thought it was the entire OS (BTW, I'm pretty sure NeXTStep 3.3
will also run on it). I'm curious, do you happen to know if a
configureation like you're talking about will run on a dual processor
Sparc 20? I'd wouldn't mind the ability to run the Lighthouse apps on my Sparc 20, and OmniWeb
would be cool also.

I've got OPENSTEP 4.2, but have only run it on x86 (and unfortunatly that HD

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