OT: RF (was: RE: E11/WinME results....)

From: Cameron Kaiser <spectre_at_stockholm.ptloma.edu>
Date: Thu Feb 15 21:47:47 2001

>>As a medical student, I shudder to think how much RF...

> Hey, any information to export to us non-Med guys as
> to how bad RF really is? I don't believe that the last
> has been heard on the subject of CellPhones. There is so
> much pressure to go wireless on everything right now.

Everyone and their brother have their own ideas. Everyone agrees that
low-wavelength, high-energy radiation is Bad For You even in small doses
(just that X-rays, for example, are worth the imperceptible risk in the
very fast blasts they're administered), but obviously low-energy rad
carries no acute problems and there's no hard longitudinal data on what
happens during extended exposure because it's so difficult to control
for, not to mention quantify. So it's all conjecture.

I don't like cell phones for a totally different reason: I don't want
people calling me at all hours of the day. :-)

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