Sun SPARCstation 2

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Date: Thu Feb 15 21:25:07 2001

> So, you want everything? ;) the only thing I know that has a gui
> and can run in 4mb (barely ) is non-PS (VMS/Decwindows). You
> still need at least 80mb of disk though.

I'm guessing you're refering to an older version of VMS/DECwindows though.
Although it would be an interesting experiment to try and get modern
versions of both running on a VAX with only 4MB and try and do anything. It
would defininitly be educational (and I mean that seriously) to try and
sqeeze it onto an 80MB disk.
Since you bring up what I'm taking to be an older version of an OS......
Versions of MacOS through System 7.1.x could without any problem. As I've
mentioned I've done it with Linux using both MGR and X-Windows on a
386sx/16. Obviously ancient versions of OS/2 and DOS/Windows.

> I've heard the Amiga or
> one of the other commies had a real neat rommed OS that had
> graphic primitives.

The Amiga has part of it in ROM, but I think it's just like older Mac's have
the Toolbox in ROM. The Atari 16 and 32-bit systems on the other hand had
the OS in ROM. Downside being it was single task. Still very cool though,
it's the main reason I got my Atari TT/030 a few years ago (though got to
admit I wish I'd gotten a Falcon for the better colour).

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