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From: Carlos Murillo <cmurillo_at_emtelsa.multi.net.co>
Date: Thu Feb 15 22:03:57 2001

At 05:23 PM 2/15/01 -0800, you wrote:
>By the way, ANSI has a standard for RF exposure limits. I don't recall
>the std. number offhand but it shows that certain frequencies are likely to
>affect certain body parts, so it's not a simple case of more dangerous
>as the frequency goes higher (or lower.) For example, 1.2 Ghz is
>about right for heating the vitreous fluid in the eyeball, and so exposure
>to 1.2 Ghz should always be kept away from the eyes to prevent possible
>vision damage.
>-- Ross

Yes, eyeballs are an issue, because (1) just a few degrees of hyperthermia
are enough to cause opacity (think cooked egg whites), (2) unlike the
hand, the eyes aren't especially well equiped with temperature sensing
nerve terminations, (3) unlike the skin, the eye doesn't have an
automatic cooling mechanism (sweating). In industrial accidents
involving microwave ovens, it is usually the eyes that go.

I have a working magnetron next to me that I've been tempted to
experiment with for a while. What would happen if you use the
interior of a working PC as a resonant cavity? :-) .

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