Sun SPARCstation 2

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Date: Thu Feb 15 22:12:47 2001

> Amigas rock. A solid operating system with preemptive multitasking
> and a GUI in 256K of RAM on a floppy-based system...Amazing! Why
> can't Microsoft get it right with thousands of programmers, 800+MHz
> processors, hundreds of megabytes of RAM, and gigabytes of disk space?
> -Dave McGuire

I think a large part of the problem is the current trend of 24-bit GUI's
that are just plain gooey! I tend to prefer a good Graphical User
environment over the command line (if for no other reason that getting lots
of terminal windows). The real question is why can't anyone make a nice
attractive lightwieght GUI? Older versions of the Mac OS were great (don't
get me started on Mac OS X). The Amiga OS is another good example. TOS
however, seems just a bit to lightwieght to me.

Of course I'm typing this on a Linux box running Enlightenment using the QNX
theme. It's not to gooey, but it's anything but lightwieght! And yes the
main thing I've got running are 36 Xterms :^)

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