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From: Claude.W <claudew_at_videotron.ca>
Date: Sun Feb 18 22:37:36 2001

Well my 2 cents from up north...

I found a bunch of original m000001 MACs (how many zeros...?) about a year
ago but only one had the original 128K board. That one is a keeper for the
collection...most of the m0000001 no-128k cases I have had some 512k boards
put in them IIRC when I checked out all of the 30 compact Macs I have

By the way, I finally finished off my complete compact MAC collection by
finding a boardless Color Classic (no I dont have a Classic II) this
weekend. Unit looks complete except for the missing board...

So if anyone has a working (maybe even non-working) board from a:

Color Classic
Color Classic II

Not original but should work (anybody tried these?):
Performa 275 or 550
LC 520 (not sure if that one ok....)
LC575 board

That he would be willing to part with, Id like to hear from you very much!

I have plenty (too much!) stuff to trade or whatever...


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> On Sun, 18 Feb 2001, Mike Ford wrote:
> > Cheapest 512k sold recently on eBay (and more than a dozen are in the
> > sold database for last 30 days) was $40, top price was about $150.
> Hmmm, I think it's time to visit my Mac motherlode and rake it up on eBay
> ;)
> > A 512k is nice to have.
> >
> > 128k is better.
> >
> > 128k that doesn't say 128k (ie the original mac) is even better.
> And are pretty rare. I think it was only 6 months in the Mac's production
> that they came out with the 512K model and started putting the 128K emblem
> on the back of the 128K model. That doesn't entail a huge production
> number (maybe a few thousand?) I think the number might be ascertainable
> from Owen Linzmayer's book _Apple Confidential_.
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