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From: Jeff Hellige <jhellige_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Mon Feb 19 10:00:59 2001

>By the way, I finally finished off my complete compact MAC collection by
>finding a boardless Color Classic (no I dont have a Classic II) this
>weekend. Unit looks complete except for the missing board...
>So if anyone has a working (maybe even non-working) board from a:
>Color Classic

        If nobody offers up one of the original 16mhz Color Classic
mainboards, I may have one available later.

>Color Classic II
>Not original but should work (anybody tried these?):
>Performa 275 or 550
>LC 520 (not sure if that one ok....)
>LC575 board

        I have a LC575 board ready to go into my CC but haven't done
the transplant yet. I do have the system enabler version required by
it though to run System 7.1. System 7.5 requires modification to
either the mainboard or analog board for it to run and I'm not sure
if I want to go that route. The Performa 550 board is basically the
Color Classic II board. According to a Japanese page on upgrading
the CC, it appears there are problems with using the LC 520 board.
It's URL is here:


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