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From: Carlos Murillo <cmurillo_at_emtelsa.multi.net.co>
Date: Mon Feb 19 22:08:05 2001

At 12:29 PM 2/19/01 -0800, you wrote:
>I have an HP-85B with I/O ROM, the HP-IB interface and
>an 82901M 5 1/4" flexible disk drive unit (there are
>address switches on the back of the disk drive - now
>set to 000)? I want to access the drive from the 85B,
>and believe that I have all the necessary parts, but I
>lack the I/O ROM manual which, as I understand it,
>describes the extended BASIC commands (such as CONTROL
>x,y;a). So, I have a question:
>Once I hook all of this up, how do I access the disk
>drive, read from it, save to it and format a diskette?
>Wayne Smith

For most basic operations you don't even need those ROMS.

Ok, here's some info:

file names have the form: "file:msus", where
msus=mass storage unit specifier. Typical msus are:

  ":D000" electronic disc
  ":D700" mass storage on HPIB bus (interface code 7)
            with HPIB ID=0, and unit number = 0;
  ":D910" mass storage on HPIL loop (interface code 9);
            with HPIL address 1, and unit number = 0.
  ":D751" If you have an HP82901M dual HPIB floppy drive
            at HPIB address 5, this is the msus for the second
  ":T" The msus for the internal tape drive

Now, some commands

MASS STORAGE IS ":D000" - defines electronic disc as default msus
COPY "MYFILE" TO "MYFILE:D710" - copies "MYFILE" in default msus to
                                 to an HPIB mass storage device at
                                 HPIB addr = 1.
INITIALIZE "MYLABEL", ":D720" - formats HPIB drive w. addr=2, using
                                 standard LIF directory size and
                                 interleave, and with a volume
                                 label "MYLABEL". You can later refer to
                                 a file in this volume as "MYFILE.MYLABEL"
ERASETAPE - format a tape
MSI ":D710" - equivalent to: MASS STORAGE IS ":D720"
CAT ".MYVOLUME" or CAT ":D720" both work.
DISC FREE S,T, ":D720" stores the number of free records in msus "D720"
                       in variable S, and the number of records in the
                       largest contiguous free area of ":D720" in
                       variable T.
MSUS$ returns the msus of the current MASS STORAGE IS device

VOL$ returns a six character string indicating the volume label in the
     current MSI device; VOL$(":D700") you guess it.

This should be enough for you to play for a while.


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