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Date: Mon Feb 19 22:16:30 2001

Thanks to everyone for responding. Please see my embedded comments below.

> >A friend will soon be receiving a TC2048 made by Timex of Portugal which he
> >wants to use in the US. Replacing the DC ps is no problem, but the
> composite
> > video out was designed for a 50 Hz PAL TV.

My error, it's TV RF out.

> >What's the best way to hook a US TV or monitor up to this beast?
> What connectors does it have?

To my knowledge just RF out.

> There used to be a mod for the UK 48k Spectrum to convert
> it's RF-out to a composite signal that could be viewed on US
> composite monitors. I'll have to poke around and see if I still have
> it somewhere. It may at least provide ideas on how to do a similar
> thing to the 2048.

Jeff, this would be very helpful. I believe the TC2048 is a 48K Spectrum is
a different package.

> That depends on what how much you object to modifying the machine...

Well . . . I think the owner would prefer not to but I'll pass along your

> If you don't mind modifications :

> It should be possible to tap off composite video at the input to the
> modulator can.

Sure, that's how my ZX81 is set up.

> It'll still be UK standard (50Hz vertical) but many
> composite mono monitors will display that if you tweak the verical hold
> knob.

Thanks, that's very helpful.

> Am I correct in assuming that this is a monochrome output machine
> anyway, so the colour encoding differences (NTSC .vs. PAL) are irrelevant?

As stated above it's a 48K Speccy in sheep's clothing, so it *is* color.

> I believe some Timex/Sinclair machines have links you can move to select
> various video formats (although does this also involve a ROM change?)

Tony, you are correct in that the ZX81 and TS1000 pcb had various traces
labeled "US," "UK," "FR," etc. but I doubt the TC2048 does (since the
Spectrum didn't).
No ROM change is required.

> You
> might be able to get it to output 60Hz vertical video. And replace the
> modulator with a US-standard VHF one (UK machines have a UHF TV output).
> But you're now starting to seriously modify the machine.

Hmm, probably not acceptable to the owner. BTW many ZX81s sold in the US
(including the outrageously expensive kits offered by Zebra) shipped with UHF
RF modulators.

> If you want to keep it original, you need to get a UK-standard TV.
> They're trivial to get over here (including quite small ones -- 5" and 9"
> CRT models exist, 12" and 14" are common). Maybe one could be shipped
> over to the States...

Probably the best solution. See below.

> He said a TC2048. I wonder if he meant 2068, which *is* colour,

Cameron, you might be confusing the TC2068 and the TS2068.

> It seems that most American TVs are not PAL friendly. I wonder why it's so
> much easier to get an NTSC/PAL set in the rest of the world than it is here.

Think about that question for a moment and ask yourself if you *really* want
to know the answer ;>}

> If they had access to a video card such as ATI's
> All-In-Wonder that provide for both inputs and outputs, it should be
> possible to input a PAL signal and dispaly it on an NTSC screen,
> though they could also just view the input in a window on thier
> screen as well.

Jeff, great idea! Thanks!

> I use a Formac ProTV and can view PAL on that (makes sense, since Formac
> is a German company :-)

And thanks to you too, Cameron. By pure coincidence I'm spending a week in
Germany next month, attending the annual meeting of ZX-TEAM, the last active
ZX81 user group. I could bring back a small color TV for my friend to use
with the TC2048.

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